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About Us

About Us     
Shenzhen RCCREATE specializing in the sale,maintenance,materials processing.     

Technical Support     
Jen M & E is responsible for several in WKK 10 years on the YAMAHA series machines have rich experience in maintenance and repair; Jen M & E of existing senior engineers, 5 years of professional YAMAHA engine maintenance for a long series of machines have YAMAHA company.     

1: YAMAHA Series SMT specializes in installation, commissioning, maintenance (including the brand of board, motor repair) and signed warranty contracts.     
2: SMT / AI machines of various brands medieval trading.     
3: YAMAHA original spare parts supply.     
4: SMT bitmap coordinates offline programming software installation and maintenance.     
5: SMT non-stop refueling connection tape, steel net cleaning paper.     
6: accept the PCB SMT processing.     

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